Ahh, the download section! All material here is released for free. You can use any source code
or resources that are here in your own game or application, but drop me an email if you intend
to do so. That will probably make me release even more material, and it would be great if my
work could be useful for someone else. If anyone would like to publish or redistribute the material
in any way they are free to do so if they drop me a mail about it and if the distribution is free of charge.

All downloads are extensivly tested against false positives on a number of virus scanners, but don't
hesitate to contact me if you run into any kind of problem. MD5/SHA1 checksums are published on this
page for all the downloads if you want to keep an eye on them.

All files are digitally signed with GnuPG so you can verify the package integrity by downloading the .sig
file in the same directory as the download. Then import key id 12292A3F anders@hypermotion.se.

See the GnuPG FAQ
for signature verification instructions.

 The latest DirectX version isn't required, but it is wise to update it for bug fixes and new functionality.

Abandoned Land

Abandoned Land is a two and a half minute animation with 800*600 resolution @ 25 fps.
It is encoded with the DivX5 codec. Size 43,6 Mb. The animation is also available for
Sony Ericsson Nokia/NEC/Siemens Power PC Nintendo DS Playstation 3

DivX MD5: 4e2efba1a73f06f94b56ccc3ac47e7eb
SHA1: 6ff84930b8bedc2871cbd093243d669c700fd00e
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DXDemo picture

DXDemo is my first DirectX based application. It shows a picture, some sprites and a vu meter while some music is playing. Nothing remarkable, but everyone has to start somewhere. Please note that you need to have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package and the DirectX End User Runtime to run this binary.
Size 4 Mb.

MD5: 24c1f1c9fb77a256ef09d01eca3dff3f
SHA1: 39a18ea1356c489f92347847344cdb91b18af908
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The source code for this demo I made back in 2005 is now released for public domain.
It can be downloaded here

MD5: a4238501eb00d7ab84b496d187ab114d
SHA1: b4a31d2ad1ee9adf81a1636213490a5fdd9a3a22
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Game Design Template

Document image

Chris Taylor, the founder of Gas Powered Games and creator of Total Annihilation
has made a game design document template. I have converted the document to an Opendocument text file (odt) for usage with OpenOffice. Size 22 kb.

MD5: b5d77ea75a4bd3b4770fb28b827b3a53
SHA1: 08d96c60a087b5b03e6aa04b9ebe0e3c82954bf3
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Reference Tones

Reference Tones Picture

Reference tones in 440 Hz from 0.1 seconds to 3.0 seconds in length. I use these tones when developing sound FX that is synchronized to a length of a tiled animation. Just try different lengths until you find one that fit.Size: 781 kb.

MD5: 283a0206e8df9499d0dffe6146929ed7
SHA1: f7605aa8faabc95cb4f66f7779074d98991fc212
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Alexander picture

Alexander is my first released DirectX game intended for children. It is a 2D platformer where you move with the arrow keys, jump with spacebar and show/use inventory with the return key. Find the cap to move to the next level.. Please note that you will need to have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package and the DirectX End User Runtime to run this binary. Size: 20 Mb

Take a look at the log created during the development of the game as well!

MD5: d4e5be720f32edada044eea4bb1694cd
SHA1: 6d803ef402f20a383719a736c9d34b3e58f8aa92
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As the game now has been released I am releasing most of the graphics  used in the game
as public domain, and some of the graphics was  never used in the game I released.
In total it's more then 700 files, most of them are tiles/animated tiles (64*64).
Their quality differ, after all I'm not a graphics artist, but I hope that they can be
useful to folks out there anyway. They can now be downloaded here Size 5 Mb

If you want to preview some of them before you download you can have a look here

MD5: fa9884e8a49df477ecb2335ccefa04e9
SHA1: f0d6183d6f08b600121fbed9184074d9b6d349c9
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